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The original Master-Studiotapes are back!

The original 2 vinyl single-tracks are restored and remastered by Carlos Perón

at Audio Art Studios !

The original Tapes-Releases are remastered!

The 1. CD Rerelease is finished

buy it now!

or in the webshops like e.g. finetunes.net

Discovered 2006 a tascam 4-track tape from 1989 with an unreleased song (but the Tape is crashed in 06.2007)

(Series III/III).

Discovery of the 2 missing tascam 4-track tape from 1989 with unreleased songs (24.02.2009)

(Series I+II/III).

Tape restauration process is finished, all 13 tracks are digitalized in 32bit! (10 tracks are still unreleased)

The work goes on, Vocal tracks will be new generated......

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